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Cables between major limbs to reduce the strain and help support the tree. Cables are often used to help reduce the risk of branch failure. Cables disperse force and reduce burden away from specific parts of a tree.

Cabling also helps reduce stress damage from high winds and excess ice or snow weight.

To be most effective, cables must be strategically located with appropriate hardware and properly sized for the purpose they are intended

Prunning Services

Healthy and beautiful trees rely on correct pruning. This is one of the best investments a home owner and community can make to ensure the life of their trees. Pruning should be done with an understanding of how the tree responds to each cut. We also recommend maintenance pruning to prolong the life of your trees and shrubs.

Hazard reduction pruning is recommended when a tree has many dead limbs hanging over a home.

Crane Services

Experience and the right equipment make all the difference. Our cranes ensure safe operation no matter how complex a project. 

K and J has valued partners.

We guarantee you will be supplied with highly experienced and skilled operators for efficiency and safety. We gently lower everything from huge logs to small limbs to safely protect groundcover & buildings. You can be sure we will provide reliable and quality crane service at a competitive rate.

Please call us for rates and details. 

Tree Removal

Tree removal can be difficult and dangerous work. We remove trees growing in confined spaces near homes, utility lines, and other sensitive areas. Our experienced tree removal teams use the proper tree removal techniques, technical rigging and safety practices to ensure a successful job. 

Removals are performed to eliminate dead and dying trees and those that have become hazardous and cannot be aleviated by other accepted cultural practices. 

Stump Removal

Stump in Your Way?

We specialize in stump and root grinding. Whether your stump is large or small, we have the right equipment and experience to get the job done right.

Stump grinding provides a low impact tree stump removal process than other methods. 

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Stump Grinding
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We pride ourselves in our local relationships.

Collaboration with local landscape companies, developers, contractors, municipalities, 
emergency services, and home owners, support the services required by our communities.

Working with our partners in a collaborative effort insures a positive outcome. 

We are always one phone call away.

Just ask our neighbors!

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