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K and J Tree Service of Southampton, MA
Has the best equipment for the job



Crane services are chosen because they provide a safer and more efficient way to complete the work.


crane truck can be driven close to the location, then reach over delicate structures, landscaping, etc, and carefully remove large pieces of the tree at a time.


It then places them down gently in a safe location to avoid damaging surrounding property.

Bucket Trucks

Bucket trucks - A bucket truck is used for those high-up and hard to reach jobs. Our professionals position the bucket truck in the necessary location without pulling up close to the tree. This offers a more effective means of access.


By providing the right equipment we make using the bucket truck  
safer and more efficient than using climbers.



Log Trucks



K and J log trucks are used along with a log trailer to transport logs.  A fitted crane allows the team to self load the timber cut down during the job and to safely and efficiently haul the timber away.

Our log trucks allow us to provide fast and efficient clean up. We take away what we cut down!


Excavator - An excavator is a very flexible construction equipment. It aids in the entire tree removal process. an excavator can grab smaller trees and assist with limb removal.


This piece of equipment contributes greatly to the process of feeding cut limbs and branches into the chipper for fast cleanup.






Chippers - K and J uses high-powered, portable, large capacity wood chippers for all of their tree and brush chipping.

A wood chipper is a machine that turns larger pieces of wood into small chunks that can be used in a multitude of ways. This allows K and J to reuse natural resources and provide an environmentally friendly disposal method.

By loading the wood chips into their trucks, they can quickly and efficiently clean up the job site.

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